Axie Infinity: The Best NFT Games to Earn and Invest

The Axie Infinity game is the best option for earning and investing because play axie infinity has the capacity.  The operation method of Axie Infinity is entirely different from every other video game. Axie Infinity was created on the Ethereum Blockchain though it was later moved to the Ronin network.

Infinity news has revealed the statistic of how people earn in cryptocurrency and exchange it for real-world money. Also, so many people have seen the NFT game as a way out of financial sickness.

Ever since the acceptance of the play axie infinity game in the Australia, the NFT game was massively rushed by the people of the world who wanted to make money and enjoy another source of income.

Gaming has been existing for a very long time. People play and still use the money to update and many other subscriptions, and yet it was yielding nothing tangible other than fun, unlike play axie infinity, which became the source of income for the people of Cabanatuan that were seriously affected by the Covid-19 and the lockdown so much that nobody could go to work or do business. 

Axie Infinity: The Best NFT Games to Earn and Invest

The technology of Blockchain that the Axie Infinity game was built around made the gaming widely accepted and played. Axie Infinity, the Blockchain-based game, is a game for anyone who wants to earn money. Before playing at all, the user must purchase some incredible NFTs creature in other to use them against other creatures in battle. 

The player earns a lot in play axie infinity because there are so many in-game rewards that belong to the winners. The technology arrangement in which the game was built made the Axie Infinity game the best out of the rest. 

Also, Axie Infinity can be operated on several systems, like Mac, ios, android, and windows. The vision of Axie Infinity is that they create an economic system for anyone to own a business and invest.

Terminologies of Axie Infinity Game 

Axie Infinity has a different way of operation, and the methods adopted are different from other NFTs games. Axie Infinity game has several terminologies that make the game different from other NFTs games. 

The operation of play axie infinity revolves around these terminologies that will be listed and explained below. AxiesIn, the Axie Infinity game Axies, are cute monsters needed for battle. Axie is a digital pet that player needs to participate in the battle. 

Before a player can produce these Axies, some tokens are required. These creatures are produced to have some outstanding traits that show their durability and power to fight other creatures in the game. 

Axie Infinity: The Best NFT Games to Earn and Invest

The Axie can be bred up to seven times. The breeding of an Axie costs $150, and every player must start with 3 Axies, so for a player to have 3 Axies, at least the player must have a minimum of $500, to begin with.  

  • Breeding 

This process is essential and necessary for every player. Breeding is a way of producing another Axie. It’s also possible for a player to breed 2 Axies.

A major reason for the breeding is that players can produce Axies with some unique traits such as class, body parts, and cards to battle well.

  • Battles 

One of the significant works in play axie infinity is to battle and earn tokens. This is where players battle each other to earn tokens.

Also, players in Axie Infinity can breed raise Axies for competition. The more you can win battles determines your rewards and makes your Axie more valuable in the system.

  • Smooth Love Potion

One of the Importance of this digital token is that it allows the player to breed some digital pet for the battles in the game. 

A player can also trade this token on a cryptocurrency exchange for real-world money. The gaming economy made SLP tokens gain value in play axie infinity and the world of the cryptocurrency market.

Axie Infinity: The Best NFT Games to Earn and Invest
  • Axie Infinity Shard

Axie Infinity Shard token is so helpful in the Axie Infinity game because it binds all the members of the Infinity community together.

When a player has this token, he can stake the token and later request the reward. Not only the coin enables the player to play and also vote to decide the governance of the game. When a player is involved in the various Axie Infinity games, he will be able to earn more $AXS.

  • Cards

This is a weapon that Axies use to attack other Axie on the battlefield. Axie is segregated into different body parts and classes, and there are 30 unique cards for the player to use in the battle.

The strength and weaknesses of Axie differ from each other. The card can also be used to discover the strength and weaknesses of the Axies.

  • Lunacia 

In the Axie Infinity game, Lunacia is also known as Land. Anyone who has purchased the land {landowner} enjoys several benefits in the land. The Lunacia has 90,601 acres, and also there are seven tokenized plots which are called Terra. The land can be designed according to the player’s desire with the component Axies got.

Axie Infinity gives a free battle arena for players that do not own land in the Lunacia, only which it can be sold only the player with the land can sell the land to make a profit.

  • Scholarship 

This is an avenue for the player who could not purchase Axie to borrow from other players even though the profit will be shared based on an agreement between the owner and the borrower.

There is a formula to share the profit among the players. Also, play axie infinity does not have any control over the scholarship management, but the players do.


Investing and earning are possible in the Axie Infinity game. Understanding the game and the terms used in the Infinity game helps earn big. As I said earlier, the Axie Infinity game is a play-to-earn game, and they have not deviated from it.n I hope this guide will help you understand the procedures and earn big.