Why You Need To Invest In Axie Infinity Play To Earn Game

Investors and players have been paying close attention to play-to-earn crypto games since early 2021. This is because the profits on each in-game token are steadily increasing. 

One of the in-game tokens that everyone is talking about regarding the number of users and rising revenues on the platform is AXS. It’s based on the “Play-To-Earn” paradigm, allowing people to earn money by playing games. Even individuals unfamiliar with blockchain technology can participate in this game.

About Axie Infinity in-game Tokens 

Small Love Potion (SLP) and  Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the two in-game currencies that are key to the Axie play-to-earn environment, and cryptocurrency investors may trade them using AXS (SLP). 

Players may benefit from breeding and trading Axie on the platform’s Marketplace. However, before investing in the SLP and AXS tokens, investors need to understand how the play-to-earn game operates.

What is the Axie infinity play-to-earn game, and how does it work? An Axie is an NFT. Its price is determined by the scarcity of its properties. Parents’ Axis can be bred together to produce progeny with specified qualities.

The land is token-centered in Axie Infinity and may be transferred between players. Landowners who locate Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens on their plots will enjoy first rights to any resources that spawn on the land.

Axie Infinity has about 2.5 million active gamers worldwide. It has become famous as a play-to-earn game that allows game lovers in developing nations like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil to play and earn real money in the form of crypto. It has also contributed to inflation-stricken countries such as Venezuela by allowing many impoverished families to eat.

According to the recent development report, “this player growth, along with the launch of our decentralized exchange, has resulted in an extensive use of our Ronin blockchain.” Daily, Ronin’s transaction volume is rough 4x the Ethereum chain, prompting us to prepare for a tremendous scale in 2022!”

What is an Axie Infinity Shards token?

Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) is an Ethereum Blockchain-based in-game token with a maximum of 270,000,000 AXS tokens. Axie Infinity Shard was explicitly built for Axie play-to-earn platform. Axie Infinity is a battle game inspired by the well-known Pokémon. Users may breed their Axies to fight other players.

Holders of Axie Infinity Shard tokens will have a stake in the game’s development in the future. They can also stake their tokens to get steady payouts and pay for any item on the site using AXS currency on the Marketplace. As a result, the rapid rise of Axie Infinity Shard tokens is contingent on the success of the Axie play-to-earn platform.

Why You Need To Choose Axie Infinity Over Other Play To Earn Games

 1. Gameplay Based on Battling and Trading

The game is best described as a cross between Pokémon, a popular role-playing video game, and Hearthstone, a digital collecting card game. In appearance, the gameplay is relatively straightforward: it entails fighting and reproducing Pokémon-like monster creatures known as Axis.

Conversely, you can play your Axie in four ways. One method is to breed, and you’re your Axis to other players in a marketplace. The second way is to complete challenging in-game tasks and battle other players in a PvP (player-versus-player) contest. You can also put your Axis, which you have bred and grown, to the test in the area.

The game’s graphical user interface, appearance, and feel are relatively simplistic. However, its play-to-earn feature makes it an attractive game title. Players may earn AXS and SLP by breeding or fighting Axis, which can be exchanged into Ether and used as real-world money.

2. Are Axis (NFT ) Non-Fungible Tokens?

One of the crucial features and one of the main advantages of Axie Infinity is that Axis is non-fungible tokens or NFTs. An NFT is a digital asset that you can buy, sell, and exchange. Many people have made huge money by generating, marketing, and digital trading material based on NFT.

NFT minting uses blockchain technology, and it has tokenized video snippets and memes, digital collectible cards, music, and even papers. When players own numerous Axis, they effectively own a collection of digital assets with monetary worth. You can buy or sell these Axis on the open market.

3. Complexity and Developments

The play-to-earn game is an open-ended digital pet environment. This signifies that the developers, Sky Mavis, will expand its gameplay and features in a few years. With Axie at heart, there is a precise aim to establish an immersive digital ecosystem based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The developments in developing countries like the Philippines are proof of Axie Infinity’s open-ended structure. Scholarship managers have discovered a way to boost their earnings by renting Axis NFTs to other gamers, allowing these “scholars” to make money.

4. Runs on Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems

Axie Infinity also benefits from being compatible with most desktop and mobile operating systems. It works on Apple’s macOS, Microsoft Windows iOS, iPad, and Android, to name a few. You can also install and play it on Macs, PCs, Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

This play-to-earn game’s cross-platform blockchain interoperability makes it accessible to many people, drawing more players, extending future growth possibilities, and letting the involved digital ecosystem and blockchain economy improve and expand further.

It is imperative to mention that it doesn’t necessitate top-of-the-line gear. The program can run efficiently on a low-resource machine. It can, for example, run on up to five-year-old mid-range Android smartphones as well as the most recent entry-level and inexpensive Android handsets on the market.

5. Play-to-Earn and the Blockchain Economy

Keep in mind that this is a play-to-earn video game based on NFTs. Although participants can not get traditional fiat money, they receive Ethereum-based tokens called AXSs and SLPs, which can be turned into Ether, one of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrencies. They may either get their Ether turned into money or utilize it immediately.

Several players have amassed significant wealth due to their participation in this game. For example, numerous success stories have been featured in the media in different rural areas of the Philippines. These range from a player who could provide for his family’s basic necessities during the epidemic to another who was able to purchase a house and land. You can read more about Play-to-Earn and the Blockchain Economy by visiting https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/how-play-to-earn-is-changing-the-business-of-gaming-2021-07-06


In a nutshell, AXS is a token designed to be used on the Axie Infinity platform. AXS token holders may vote, stake, and pay for any product using their in-game tokens. But what’s intriguing about this AXS is that, based on the number of users and overall income, the platform is expected to increase.

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